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Alegent Health Partners MSSP Saved Money, Improved Quality

Oct 06, 2015

As UniNet ends its third year of managing the Alegent Health Partners (AHP) Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Accountable Care Organization, we've made great strides in saving money and improving quality, and will apply these lessons learned as we move to more risk-based contracts.

In 2014, AHP’s benchmark goal set by CMS was $220,576,183 and our actual expenses were $219,424,792. While AHP did not earn a performance bonus, it saved $1,151,391, achieved a quality score of 87.76%, and completely reported on 100% of the quality measures. This was our second year of managing the MSSP, and we improved by 2.2%.

Moving forward, areas we are focusing on include:

  • Care coordination of patients in skilled nursing facilities
  • Outpatient care for heart failure and COPD
  • Improved documentation of vaccination, weight management, and cancer screening

AHP's provider members will be encouraged to work with other team members, such as care coordinators, to manage our high-risk patients to avoid unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations. We will develop clinical pathways and evidence-based guidelines to assist providers in managing patients with chronic conditions. We also will be working with our post-acute providers to ensure patients transition back home safely and efficiently.

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